Las Vegas at night

Why We Didn’t like Las Vegas

This post was most recently updated on January 17th, 2021

Las Vegas has never been high on our bucket list of places to go. And it surprises a lot of people when we say we didn’t like Las Vegas. I know people who go there every year. Sometimes twice a year. Sin City must be their perfect idea of a vacation, but it wasn’t ours.

Technically this wasn’t my first time in Vegas. But I was a kid, and it was the late 70’s when I first went. So I really don’t remember a whole lot about it. And it’s changed so much since then anyways. For Jerry this was his first time visiting.

Really the only reason we decided to go to Las Vegas was to rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon. Which was a lot of fun, and we highly recommend it.

But why didn’t we like Las Vegas?

It wasn’t just one reason, but a combination of things that we decided we didn’t like Las Vegas. I guess you get an idea in your head on what a place is going to be like. And in a lot of ways it was what we pictured. But there were many other things that surprised us too.

Walking In Las Vegas

Be prepared to walk. A lot!

When we first got to the city we decided to walk the whole strip. Just to get our bearings and find out where everything is. The strip is a little over 4 miles long from one end to the other. Which wouldn’t be bad, except you can’t just cross the street and walk in one straight path.

footbridge Las Vegas

At almost every street corner are these footbridges you need to take in order to cross the street. Up the stairs, or escalator on one side, across the bridge, then down the stairs or escalator on the other side. You won’t get hit by traffic this way, but it does add a lot of extra walking to your trip.

Stores On The Vegas Strip

If you like shopping, then maybe you’d love Las Vegas. There are shops galore. High end stores, typical mall stores, outlet shops, and plenty of tacky souvenir stores to suit everyones budget. Jerry hates shopping to start with. So this was another reason why he didn’t like Las Vegas.

shops along the Las Vegas strip

I dragged him through a few malls just to have a look. And a few were worth it just to see the fancy architecture. But since we were travelling light with a small backpack each, there was no way we could stuff even one purchase into our bags.

Plus travelling to us is experiencing new cultures, or seeing the sights in a new place. Not spending time doing something that we could easily do at home.

Smoking In Las Vegas Casinos

This one really surprised us a lot. We weren’t aware that smoking was allowed almost everywhere in the casinos. I read that there were sections of the casinos that were non smoking. But we either didn’t find it, or it would be right beside an area that allowed smoking. Kinda defeats the purpose.

slot machines Las Vegas

If there were any smoke free casinos, we weren’t aware of it. With a higher percentage of non smokers in the world, you would just think most of the area of the casino would be non smoking. Not the case!

Pedlars On The Street

This one really surprised us too about Las Vegas. When we go to a place like Mexico we expect to be approach by street vendors. They’re on the beaches, the streets, everywhere you go selling their product. Trying to make a living.

shopping in Las Vegas

But on the strip in Las Vegas? It was just not what we had envisioned. Being approached every few minutes by yet another pedlar in a place that’s not considered a third world country, got to be annoying pretty fast.

Music In The Streets

Ok, I’m not talking about all the music events happening in a theatre. This is on the main strip everywhere you walk. You’ll find music blasting out of the stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. And the music playing was something I like. But I was just surprised that it was everywhere we went.

Elvis impersonator Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a nice quiet, relaxing place to go, this is not it. The buskers on the street are fantastic though. These guys work hard keeping the crowd entertained every day.

Drinking In Las Vegas

Surprisingly drinking is allowed everywhere in Las Vegas. It’s legal to carry an open container of alcohol anywhere you go. I guess it goes with the whole party 24/7 atmosphere they’ve created here.

liquor store Las Vegas

Just another one of the things that surprised us about Vegas.

Weather In Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, you usually picture one of the hottest places in the U.S. But that’s not the case year round.

We were there in March and it was in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s the whole time. Nice for walking around, but not so good if you plan on laying by the pool.

view of the strip

It even surprised us to know that most of the pool’s close down for the winter months. March is usually when they start opening up again. But it just wasn’t warm enough for that when we were there.

Expensive Las Vegas

This one didn’t surprise us. Everyone you talk to will tell you how expensive everything is in Vegas. The flights and hotel might be cheap. But everything else will make up for it.

Bellagio hotel flower display

Unless you’re willing to walk a few blocks off the strip or to Fremont Street, food is going to be expensive. Entertainment isn’t cheap either. Especially if you’re trying to get tickets to one of the top acts. Plus there’s gambling that Las Vegas is mostly known for.

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Although our dislike for Vegas might not be the popular opinion, it just wasn’t for us. Give us a sandy beach, crashing waves, cold drink, peace and quiet and we’re in heaven. Or alternately beautiful architecture, history, and culture. Then we have the perfect trip.

But if you love casinos, shopping, bright lights, noise, and non stop partying, this might be the place for you.