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How We Got A Tour Of Facebook Headquarters

This post was most recently updated on January 15th, 2021

I don’t think you could find too many people in the world who haven’t heard of Facebook. In 2006, Facebook opened up to anyone who wanted to join. Then in 2011, the Facebook Headquarters moved to Menlo Park where they are now.

I remember my friends telling me a year after Facebook was available to join this new social media site . And it didn’t take long until everyone I knew was using it. Now 13 years later, Facebook has over 2 billion users. Wow!

So when we were asked if we’d like to take a tour of the Facebook Headquarters, we jumped at the idea. Then a lot of questions went through our heads. Where is this famous place that everyone logs onto everyday? Would we look like an outsider? And would we possibly see anyone famous at the Facebook Headquarters?

Where Is Facebook’s Headquarters Located?

If you drive about 45 minutes south of San Francisco you’ll find a small city called Menlo Park. Situated in Menlo Park is where you’ll find the Facebook Headquarters. And what else would Facebook Headquarters address be but 1 Hacker Way.

Even the waiting area inside the Facebook building has some very unique features.

Visitors centre at Facebook

How We Got A Tour Of Facebook Headquarters

A lot of people ask “can you tour Facebook”? But the only way to receive a tour at Facebook Headquarters is by knowing someone who works there. Luckily for us, our nephew Adam is an employee.

Our first impression of the place was of how huge it was. So big that we actually went to the wrong building to meet Adam. Right now there are two main buildings. But there was a lot of construction going on when we were there. Very shortly a third Facebook building would be opening. Then for sure, I’d need a map to find my way around.

Inside at Facebook Headquarters

The building we first arrived at was the original Facebook Headquarters.  This building covers the size of two football fields. Definitely a place you could get lost in.

The first thing we had to do when we arrived at the visitor centre was to check in on an i pad. Then we were shown to a nice comfy lounge to sit and relax. The lounge came complete with a fridge. So you could help yourself to any of the drinks. They really make their guests feel welcome.

Once Adam arrived by bike (since he works in the second building), we were off on our tour.

Facebook Headquarters Menlo Park Campus

We started our tour in the first Facebook campus. Walking around on the grounds is like touring a small village. Complete with trees, benches and walkways. And a massive amount of people heading in all directions.

I don’t know how many people work there, but it must be a lot. The odd thing is, no one even stared at us as we were walking around. I guess they must be use to having guests arrive everyday.

inside at Facebook Headquarters

What’s For Lunch

Since it was lunch time when we arrived, our nephew asked us what kind of food we’d like to eat. We were blown away by all the options. We chose pasta and had a delicious selection at the buffet.

And once again a fridge full of sodas, organic juices, specialty teas and waters. Outside not far away was a smoker cooking meat for the barbecued foods section. No one is going hungry at this place.

art on the walls at Facebook Headquarters

These cool drawings are on the walls everywhere. Someone is definitely very creative. After lunch we stopped by the Facebook clothing store. I picked out a T-shirt as a souvenir, then we continued on our tour.

art on the walls at Facebook Headquarters

More Food

We didn’t get very far though, and Adam asked us if we were still hungry. Of course we couldn’t leave out dessert! So we headed over to the ice cream parlour. How many people can say they have a free ice cream parlour at work?

At the parlour, we had our choice of several different flavours. Complete with a help yourself toppings bar. And if ice cream isn’t your thing, there are many other squares and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. The most amazing part was that it’s all on the house for any employees and visitors.

Inside The Facebook Headquarters Campus

After we were stuffed, Adam took us over to the other building to see where he works. The Facebook staff  have the option of jumping on a bike to go between buildings. And the visitors can either take the shuttle or walk.

Once we got inside, I was really surprised with how quiet it was. Most of the space is all open and the ceilings are high. But the sound didn’t seem to carry. Even though you can talk all you want.

It wasn’t how I had pictured it to be.  I guess I thought there would be a bunch of little cubicles that everyone hides in. But it was the exact opposite. All open with everyone free to interact with each other.

You can see how high the ceilings are in this photo with all open duct work creating a very airy feeling. No tiny cubicle’s for anyone. Just wide open area’s to create the next big idea!

A Roof Top Oasis

The second building that Adam works in comes complete with an outdoor garden oasis on the roof. We walked around admiring all the beautiful flowers and trees. It’s just like having your own private park.

There are different gazebos and benches to sit at all over the roof. Such a great idea for the employees. Just bring your laptop outside and enjoy the warm sun, while not getting behind on your work.

Over in this building we also found a smoothie bar. Plus different areas that have baskets full of things like granola bars, chocolate bars, and various other snacks to get you through the day. I guess they don’t want anyone going hungry.

After a couple hours of eating and touring around the Facebook Headquarters, it was time for us to leave and let Adam get some more work done.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Facebook Headquarters, jump on it. Although we never ended up seeing anyone famous, we thoroughly enjoyed our tour here. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to California.

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