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This post was most recently updated on October 2nd, 2019

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So you’ve had your blog for months now and have been writing great content. And still you’re wondering if anyone will ever see or read your blog. Maybe you’ve been searching for a free online SEO training ebook.

Does this sound like you?

Or possibly you’ve been thinking about starting a blog and have no idea where to start. This was me a few years ago. Luckily for me I had been following one of the top travel bloggers goats on the road for years.

Then one day I came across the WordPress Beginner Blogger Course on their site. It must be fate! Not being very tech savvy though, or having a clue how to set up a blog, I was doubtful I could do it.

But a few years later, and a lot of hard work, I’ve made it this far.

What Is SEO?

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting traffic to your blog? The answer is most likely SEO. Which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines help people answer their questions. You type something into google and the top 10 results will show up on the first page. Every day billions of people are searching for whatever information they might need.

And that’s where you want your blog post to be. On the first page of google where it’s most likely to be seen. But how do you get there?

Search engines need to find you and they’re getting smarter every day. The SEO industry is always changing, and if you have a blog you’ll need to keep up with it.

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Why You Need SEO Training

Blogging is hard work. And it takes time. No one is ever going to tell you that success happens overnight. If you find SEO confusing, Nick from goats on the road presents the info in an easy to follow format.

The goats on the road 1 hour SEO Free Training Session is very straight forward and FREE. You can’t go wrong with free!

Goats on the road have been blogging for over 7 years, and have made their way to be one of the top blogging sites around. So why not learn from one of the experts.

Best SEO Course Online

So now you’ve worked really hard, and you’ve got this amazing blog started. But are you spending lots of time on it and not getting anywhere?

Are you worried your blog won’t become successful?

Are you not sure where to focus all your attention?

SEO is one of the big pieces of the puzzle. Gaining visitors to your site and appearing higher on a search engines results to be noticed is every bloggers goal.

Goats on the road has put together an extremely informative full SEO course called the Complete SEO Course. I’ve personally taken this course and it has made a huge difference in my blogging.

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Why It Is The Best SEO Training Course

I’m no longer wasting time on useless tasks that do nothing to help grow my blog. Nick talks about keyword research which is huge. He shows you how to choose the best keywords for your article. Ones that will help you to rank on google.

The step by step instructions in the course for SEO on your website are easy to follow. You can work away at your own pace. Take as long or as little as you want. The full course includes many video tutorials.

I’ve gone back over them several times and keep learning something new that I’d missed. Plus he does a great job at updating the course all the time since SEO is an ever changing market.

Goats on the road will always be there to answer any email questions you might have. Plus for anyone who has taken the course, you can join their private Facebook group for more invaluable information.

You will be presented challenges to help grow your blog, And get to know some of the most helpful, and friendly people in the group.

What If You Could

  • Grow your blog traffic
  • Work towards getting to the top page on google
  • Master keyword research
  • Learn what you can do better
  • Get a 30 day money back guarantee

Are you spending too much time concentrating on the wrong things? Would you like to learn how to master SEO?

Not sure if this course is right for you yet?

Why not try out the 1 Hour SEO Free Training Session? You’ve got nothing to loose and only knowledge to gain.

Or are you to the point where you know you need help like I was? I’m almost positive I would have given up by now if I hadn’t found this course. Blogging is hard and takes time and a lot of patience. But without SEO training, it’s like a shot in the dark.

If your interested in taking a full SEO course, then I highly recommend this one: Complete SEO Course. And remember if your not completely satisfied, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. So why not get started today!