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8 Ways To Know You’re A Travel Junkie

This post was most recently updated on July 18th, 2019

Do you consider yourself a travel junkie? Find yourself day dreaming about far off places? Plan and prep for months until you can leave?

Ever since I read about the concept of long term travel, it became my goal. When my cousin embarked on a year long trip around the world, I followed his posts religiously.

How he walked the epic Camino trail across Spain, or cruised the scenic Milford Sound in New Zealand. I knew I had to get out and see the world too!

Here are 8 ways you might recognize yourself as being travel junkie.

1. When you can pack your bags in under an hour, or always have one packed ready to go you might be a travel junkie. 

We always travel light no matter where we’re going, or how long will be gone for. We  will either have a small carry on suit case, or a backpack that will fit under your plane’s seat. It  saves you time with  not having to check bags or wait at the luggage carousel. And you’ll have the piece of mind knowing where your bags are at all times. Never having to worry if your luggage will end up on the other side of the country, or something gets stolen from it. Also a big time saver repacking everything when you’re on to a new destination every few days.

2. When your twitter feed is mostly travel related.

If you’re not following all the major travel deal websites, now is a great time to add them. Vayama, Trivago, Travelzoo, and Momondo are some of our favourites. Some of the deals on the sites will only last for a few hours, or even minutes. So if you discover some great deal that works for you, I’d jump on it right away. Most airlines you have 24 hours to cancel no charge.

3. When your favourite stores are MEC, REI, and SAIL. 

It’s worth the investment in quality products. If you’re carrying all your life possession’s in one small back pack, you’ll want them to last. These stores I’ve found are great for standing behind their products. Another company that makes plenty of invaluable products is PacSafe .  All their items contain anti-theft technologies built right into their bags. Their products have a slashguard fabric with a stainless steel wire mesh thats both lightweight and flexible. This helps in protecting your gear from a thief slashing it and making off with everything. They also contain a RFID blocking pocket to help protect your data from falling in the wrong hands. We carry our camera in one of these Pacsafe bags and love it.

4. When most of your clothes are quick drying. 

High tech fabrics are usually lightweight, resist odors, and are wrinkle free. Eddie Bauer , Patagonia, Sierra Trading Post, and  Merrell are a great place to look.  Also Uniglo and Amazon often have affordable prices on  travel pieces.

For socks and underwear, there are many companies to choose from. Exofficio, Under Armour, and Ice Breaker all carry a high tech product. They will be breathable, comfortable and best of all quick drying. Wash them in the sink the night before, and they’ll be dry by morning. We always bring  laundry soap sheets for this.

Same with our socks. Smartwool and Wigwam  make some of the best. We look for socks made with merino wool. This way we know they’re going to last and take us from country to country.

Cotton is probably the worst fabric for travelling. It not only holds moisture, it takes forever to dry.

5. When you have a designated air plane outfit. 

You want to be comfortable when you’re cramped in a tiny space for hours. Especially if it’s on a long overnight flight. We always opt for comfort over fashion. Unless  you’re trying to impress the flight attendant to get a free upgrade, which rarely happens anymore. Your best option for the various temperature changes you’ll encounter on the flight, is to layer, layer, layer.

I’ve seen women wearing  Pashmina  Scarf . Which works great to double as a blanket when it gets chilly. Then you could use it again to cover your shoulders if you’re visiting an Islamic country.

A good idea if you have problems with your legs is to wear compression socks. They will help a lot with blood circulation to prevent swelling while in the air.

6. When you don’t understand  home bodies, or people content to live and stay in one place their whole life. 

It always amazes me the number of people who have never ventured out of their home state or province. The latest statistics are that only about 46% of American’s and about 57% of Canadians have a passport.

We have one relative that’s afraid to go anywhere because he thinks someone might steal his possessions while he’s gone.  Another reason why less is more.

7. When you’re on vacation, you’re already thinking about where to go next, you just might be a travel junkie. 

You’re lying on the beach with a book in one hand, and a Pina Colada in the other. And still your mind is wandering thinking where should we travel to next.

We were once on a week long all inclusive vacation in Costa Rica. A most beautiful country, with perfect weather, and amazing scenery everywhere you go. A place we always highly recommend to anyone that gets a chance to see it.

But while we were there, we met another couple from Canada. They were on their honeymoon for two weeks. And after 5 days they came to us asking if we’d like to switch them and take their second week so they could leave early. They’d had enough  I guess and were homesick. They just wanted to leave what we considered paradise, and go home.

Unfortunately we didn’t have that much time off work to be able to switch with them though.

8. When not too many destinations are off your radar. 

I hear people talking all the time saying “I’d never go to that place, it’s not safe”. Probably because they remember hearing about it in the news years ago as having a war going on. Or more recently with some kind of political protest, or conflict happening.  More times than not, these are isolated incidences. Or definitely not directed at tourists.

As long as it isn’t an area  banned on your countries travel advisory list, this usually ends up being the best time to visit. Fewer tourists means less wait times and often lower prices. The locals are usually so appreciative when you’re bringing more tourist dollars into their country. Which in turn, helps them to get back on their feet if there was recent turmoil.

It’s been years now since we’ve purchased our backpacks, then added small packable sleeping bags, and travel size everything.

Now is always the  best time to get out and explore.

If you can relate to this post like us, then you must be a travel junkie.