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7 Best Tenerife Beaches To Explore

This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2021

Going to the beach in Tenerife is one of the most popular activities on the island. And why wouldn’t it be? Tenerife is home to a list of unique beaches that tourists and locals flock to all year round. With weather that hardly ever dips below 20 C (68 F), they’re blessed with an amazing climate. There are man-made to natural seaside beaches, and black-sand to white-sand shores. Each boasting incredible amenities. You can definitely say Tenerife beaches have it all.

Sunbathers and swimmers can bask in the sun or catch an epic sunset. Thrill-seekers can go surfing, parasailing and paddling on the waters. Then after, why not take a walk along the beach promenades and check out the restaurants and shops. Perfect for the travellers who want a taste of Tenerife. Don’t forget to pick up that special island souvenir before you leave!

Whether you’re on a one-time visit or plan to start living in Tenerife, these are the absolute best beaches to visit on this Canary island.

Best Beaches in Tenerife South

The southern coast of the island has remarkable beaches that provide breathtaking views and all-around fun for anyone visiting. It draws in hordes of visitors thanks to the nearby attractions and holiday resorts. As well as for its weather, which is warmer and sunnier in the south.

Here’s a list of the best beaches in the south of Tenerife.

Playa Del Duque

Located in the western area of Costa Adeje is Playa Del Duque. It’s an upscale beach often frequented by the luxury lovers. This Costa Adeje beach in Tenerife is surrounded by elegant hotels, including the Bahia del Duque. The area attracts some of the world’s most rich and famous people. The beach has had Blue Flag status from the first time it opened, meaning it’s incredibly clean, secure and safe.

Del Duque beach in Tenerife features thatched straw parasols and pyramid-like huts. Perfect for sunbathing in or to take a nap under. The beach’s shoreline has beautiful golden sands and the waters are calm, making it a great spot for relaxing and swimming. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can take a dive into the shallow waters by snorkelling alongside all the diverse sea life.

This beach has all the basics covered providing bathrooms, changing rooms and showers. Plus being spoiled with panoramic views while enjoying a mouthwatering meal at one of the many restaurants nearby. There’s also an assortment of chic boutiques in the area, making the beach suitable for all types of visitors.

Playa Del Camisón Beach In Tenerife

Nestled between lively Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje is Playa del Camisón. It’s a picturesque Tenerife beach lined with palm trees. The golden-yellow sand beach is an artificial seaside that’s beautiful any time of the year. It’s wheelchair accessible, and your safety is assured thanks to a row of breakwaters that stand to counter the often violent waves.

The tranquil waters and sunny weather makes it perfect for the young and old alike. You can bask in the sun, swim in the water or enjoy a great picnic on its shoreline. If you want to explore the water with little chance of getting wet, there are pedaloes (paddle boats) available for hire.

The beach has free showers, rentable parasols, and sun loungers among its amenities. Along the promenade is a row of restaurants, bars and shops where you can spend your time while overlooking the scenic beach. 

Playa del Camisón isn’t extremely popular, so it’s perfect for spending intimate time with your partner or family.

Playa Fañabé Beach In Tenerife

Much like Del Duque, Playa Fañabé is located in Costa Adeje and is a marvel that attracts beachgoers by the dozen. This beach is also wheelchair accessible and features several amenities. It is squeaky clean and well cared for, therefore getting Blue Flag status. The facilities on offer include sunbeds, showers and tourist information centres.

You can spend your time at the beach in several ways, including the traditional sunbathing on its golden sand. Or, it’s also a perfect beach for swimming thanks to its calm, tranquil waves.

If you’re a watersports fan, there are several options available for you too. This includes parasailing, pedalos, jet-skis and banana boats. All of which have to be rented.

Playa Fanabe is also one of the best beaches in Tenerife for families. There’s a nice playing area for the kids. Plus, the promenade features a stretch of restaurants, bars and shops for the adults. Located a little further from the beach is a miniature golf course where the entire family can test their swings.

Playa Abama

Playa Abama is a hidden gem that’s remarkably beautiful but doesn’t draw in too many tourists. However, parking is limited and can therefore be difficult to find. This is especially true during the early morning hours. The beach is secluded in Guía de Isora and sits right in front of the prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel.

It boasts crystal clear, calm waters thanks to its wave breakers. Therefore, providing safe swimming for everyone. The beach is wheelchair accessible and has rentable sun beds and umbrellas. It also features showers and toilets. It’s considerably rich in natural beauty with it being surrounded by a rugged cliff and trees.

This quiet beach is perfect for couples or families who want to spend some intimate time together. On the promenade is a restaurant that sells delicious food and offers scenic views of Playa Abama. 

Being hidden behind the hotel means there’s a specific way to get there. The beach is situated about 1km from the parking lot, which is a 20-minute walk or short tram ride away. The walk is downhill and quite pleasant. The Ritz-Carlton guests are spoiled a little with a lift that takes them down faster.

Playa Abama is arguably the best beach in Tenerife to catch a sunset!

Best North Tenerife Beaches

While the south coast of Tenerife boasts several beaches, the north coast doesn’t lag behind at all. It has its fair share of unique, and beautiful coastlines, including black-sand beaches and a number of nearby attractions.

Here’s a list of the best beaches in North Tenerife.

Playa de Benijo

Playa de Benijo is arguably the best beach in Tenerife if judged by it’s natural beauty. It has a unique landscape that offers an incredible view of Anaga rock formations. It’s also one of several black-sand beaches in Tenerife and is a true hidden gem.

The beach is secluded thanks, in part, to the difficulty that comes with getting there. Anyone hoping to reach it is required to drive along a narrow mountain road. If you can navigate this road, you’ll be treated to a quiet beach experienced best with a partner.

Playa de Benijo is a great photo opportunity. But any visitors are advised against swimming there despite the inviting crystal clear waters. The waves can be dangerously strong. Although this might be a welcome invite for surfers and other water sport lovers. 

There are several seafood restaurants and bars nearby that offer fresh food and great drinks. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the beach while enjoying your meal.

At Benijo Beach, the sun sets behind rock formations and volcanic landscapes. So be sure to bring your camera for a mesmerising experience.

Note: It’s also popular as one of the nude beaches in Tenerife

Playa Jardín Beach In Tenerife

The “garden beach” is a mixture of a natural and man made spectacle. The beach boasts incredible flora as it’s dotted with palm trees and cacti. It also features a garden created by Cesar Manrique. He was a Spanish artist who dreamt of creating a magical man made coastline.

And he did, with a tropical garden, waterfall and a network of footpaths. Today, it stands as the best beach in Tenerife for anyone who’s ever wanted to relax in a tropical heaven. The beach is vast and is therefore divided into three parts, Castillo San Felipe, Punta Brava and Charcon.

This beach is great for everyone as it has a nice kids playground. Plus a lovely promenade with several restaurants, cafes, and bars. Thrill-seekers are provided with open areas to surf, and swimmers are allowed behind the breakwaters for a refreshing dip.

The beach is wheelchair accessible and provides basics such as showers, toilets and changing rooms. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for hire.

Playa de La Teresitas

One of the prominent white-sand beaches in Tenerife is Playa de La Teresitas. It’s an artificial beach dotted with towering palm trees. The beach’s sand was imported from the Sahara desert and stretches for around 2km along the coast.

Playa de La Teresitas is a relaxation haven thanks to its tranquil waters. It’s the perfect beach for a family outing. And enjoying a sunset on the beach is remarkable thanks to the landscapes seen from the shoreline. Unfortunately, adventurers aren’t going to enjoy much action here as it lacks in water sport activities.

But it makes up for this with several restaurants that serve some of the finest seafood, and provide great views of the beach. In line with other beaches in Tenerife, it’s wheelchair accessible and provides all the basic amenities. This includes showers and changing rooms. As well as sun loungers and parasols available for hire.

Tenerife’s Best Beaches

Tenerife is certainly full of unique beaches that have made the island such a popular travel destination. This includes traditional white sands and unique black-sand beaches.

With something for the water sport lovers, families, couples and those who want a relaxing getaway. You can see why all travellers to the beaches are catered to. The beach promenades all boast restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars for when you want to step away from the water. 
And with each of these features, it’s easy to see why the Tenerife beaches are such a premier destination getaway for both casual travellers and expats alike.