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13 Inspiring Travel Blog Websites To Follow

This post was most recently updated on December 22nd, 2019

There are a lot of great travel blog websites out there. Some I’ve been following for years. And others I’ve just recently discovered. Each of them are inspiring for different reasons, and that’s what makes them great travel blog websites.

One of the most meaningful quotes I’ve heard is by the late Anthony Bourdain. “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind”

His insightfulness was inspiring, and brutal honesty commendable. All of us I’m sure would love to make a difference in the world. Whether it’s in one small way, or trying to change a country.

There are many interesting travel blogs to read on the internet. Solo travel blogs, ethical tourism blogs, UK travel blogs, budget travel blogs, and even personal travel blogs. But certain travel blogs stand out from the others, and you’ll see why.

These are my picks for the best travel blog websites to follow.

Responsible Tourism Travel Blog Websites

The Dharma Trails

Vivien and Aaron are an Australian couple behind the blog thedharmatrails. They have been blogging for a little over a year now. Their blog centres on eco travel and sustainable travel. You’ll find great ideas for finding eco accommodations, and how to reduce your plastic waste. Besides that, suggestions on the best eco friendly travel products and how you can make a difference as you travel. If you want to learn how to live a greener lifestyle, definitely check them out.

Things I love: I love how this couple is committed to making a change in the world. Every place they stay, they’ve been picking up garbage on the beaches, along with organizing clean up parties. Every trash bag is a lot less plastic to make it’s way into the ocean. Because of their efforts already, the islands are a cleaner place.

My Five Acres

Stephen and Jane are the couple behind myfiveacres. Their blog focuses on living in the moment and inspiring others to change your lives. They once cycled around the world for 2 years, while teaching yoga as they went. Their outdoor travel guides and eco friendly activities will encourage you to get out and see the world, and also how to live your best life. Check out their blog and also learn the story behind their name My Five Acres.

Things I love : I love how they sold everything and are living the life they want. They didn’t conform to society and get sucked in to how the world tells you to live. They are also minimalist and vegans which is inspiring in itself.

Don’t Forget To Move

Jules and Christine are the American and Australian travel bloggers behind dontforgettomove. They have been travelling around the world since 2010 and helping to make a difference as they go. The two have volunteered building houses after an earthquake in Peru, and have also helped in the Philippines after a typhoon. Their blog is about responsible travel and will give you great ideas for places to visit where you can give back, but also have an adventurous vacation.

Things I love: I love how they genuinely care about people, animals, and the planet. This couple is making a positive impact on the locations they visit. Follow their blog for suggestions on how you can contribute to making a change in this world too.

Long Term Family Travel Blog Websites

Crazy Family Adventure

Craig, Bryanna, their 4 children, and two dogs are the people behind the blog called crazyfamilyadventure. Wow, and 4 children in 5 years! This couple from the U.S. sold their dream home that they had built, and everything they owned, so they could move into an RV to live a better life. Imagine living in a 23 foot RV as a family of 6 and 2 pets. On their blog you’ll learn how they got started, where they’ve travelled, and how they maintain their RV lifestyle.

Things I love: I love how they’ve figured out a way to spend more time as a family. And how the whole experience has made them closer. They are an inspiration for other families who are thinking about ditching the “regular” lifestyle. Follow their blog for encouragement on how you can do the same.

Wandering Wagars

Christina, Kevin and their 2 boys are the Canadians behind the blog called wanderingwagars. While the couple has always loved travelling, having children wasn’t going to stop them from their passion. Instead they’ve decided to enrich their children’s lives by educating them about the world as they go. They’ve been blogging about their adventures for over 4 years now, and offer great tips and suggestions to help other families do the same.

Things I love: I love how they are sharing and inspiring other families with young children on how to make it work. They have been travelling all over the world showing their children different cultures and experiences that only travel can. If you’re a family with children, follow along to see how it’s done.

Female Travel Blogs

Flora The Explorer

Flora is the solo female travel blogger behind the blog called floratheexploreer. She is from the U.K. and started travelling in 2012. Flora has taken on many different and unusual jobs around the world in the last 7 years. With the tragic loss of both parents at a young age, travelling and writing her blog has been her therapy. Her blog is full of her funny and heartfelt stories, personal issues from travelling, and other struggles that come from being a solo woman traveller.

Things I love: I love how honest and open she is with sharing stories of her own personal life. She is definitely an inspiration for anyone struggling with mental health issues, or just looking for ideas to change your life by volunteering around the world. For a great travel writing blog, follow along.

A Little Adrift

Shannon is the female blogger behind alittleadrift. She is originally from Florida, and has been travelling since 2008. You will find very informative country guides, advice on how to work abroad, and great resources on her site to help you plan a trip around the world. She often does speaking engagements with young people where she inspires and encourages them to make a difference. In 2013, she was named traveller of the year by National Geographic for responsible tourism.

Things I love: I love how she started Grassroots Volunteering project where you can find a number of worthwhile opportunities to get involved in. How she worked with a major company in Kyrgyzstan to develop responsible tourism for the country. And how her stories inspire others to learn about the different cultures and places.

Adventure Travel Blogs

Monkeys And Mountains

Laurel is an adventure travel blogger from Canada behind the website called monkeysandmountains. After a time in her life when she was depressed and had gained a lot of weight, she knew she needed to make a lifestyle change. She started this blog in 2011 as an adventure blog. But it has turned into so much more. Laurel now operates her own adventure tour company and helps others plan once in a lifetime trips. Although she loves adventure, she isn’t into roughing it. Therefore, there will be no tents or outdoor porta potties involved.

Things I love: I love how she’s researched and gone on all the tours that she offers herself. She is committed to eco travel and only offers tours that have a positive impact on the world. If you’re looking for a memorable adventure, whether it be wildlife tours, hiking or cycling, check out her blog. Plus you won’t have to give up on all the conveniences of home.

The Travel Camel

Shane from Australia is the full time travel blogger behind thetravelcamel. He has travelled to over 100 countries and has been a popular keynote speaker for over 25 years in the travel circuit. Shane doesn’t buy into the hype of certain places in the world being unsafe and unwelcoming. In fact he tries to avoid places where most travellers would venture. Instead seeking those far off, less travelled destinations, and diving right in to the local culture. You will find tips to keep yourself healthy and safe on the road. Also plenty of stories to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world.

Things I love: I love how he searches for those less popular places, and finds the most joy in exploring the countries most people would avoid. Together with his fearless spirit, he teaches others that the world is much more welcoming than you’d ever imagine.

Budget Travel Blog Websites To Follow

Thrifty Nomads

Jen and Ted are the Canadian couple behind thriftynomads. They started out doing what’s expected of young people. Go to University, get married, find a good job, and then take your once a year vacation. But early on they realized this wasn’t the life for them. After their very first trip on their honeymoon, they knew there had to be more to life than the usual 9-5. On their blog they show you ideas on how to travel cheaply. Suggestions for getting cheaper flights, accommodations and even jobs to help you become location independent.

Things I love: I love how their blog is such an inspiration for others to do the same. Neither of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. In fact their families never travelled at all. But in spite of that, they were determined to find a way to make full time travel happen. Check out their blog and see if you don’t want to throw on a backpack and set off into the sunset too.

Big World Small Pockets

Steph from England is the blogger behind bigworldsmallpockets. She has been a budget traveller for over 10 years now, and shows no signs of stopping. At the age of 19, she left home to sail around Southern Africa for 6 months. When she came back, she tried the typical 9-5 life, but it just wasn’t for her. In her blog she shows you creative ways to make your dream of travelling happen. Besides that, you’ll find lots of budgeting ideas, suggestions for the best countries to stretch your dollar, plus interesting travel itineraries.

Things I love: I love all her suggestions on how you can travel for less and still see plenty of amazing places. Travel doesn’t need to be expensive, and she’s a great inspiration to show you how. She also shows you the ups and downs of being on the road full time. It’s not always all rainbows and sunsets. Read her blog and find out how you can do it too.

Unique Travel Blog Websites To Follow

The Path Less Pedaled

Laura and Ross are an American couple behind the blog thepathlesspedaled. In 2009 they sold everything and now travel by bike. They have cycled for 3 years across the U.S. and New Zealand, all the while promoting cycling tourism in rural communities. On their blog you’ll find lots of stories and tips of their overland journeys, what gear to buy, food options to cook on the road, and also what you can do to help promote cycling tourism too.

Things I love: I love how they inspire others to travel by bike through their stories and videos. And how they don’t let fear stop them from living their dream and cycling wherever they want. People have tried to warn them of all the dangers out there, like bears up north, drug lords down south, and extreme weather conditions. None of this has discouraged them from showing communities how to develop appropriate accommodations, routes and facilities for cycling.

Mind Of A Hitchhiker

Iris is a blogger from the Netherlands behind mindofahitchhiker. Wherever she travels, she hitchhikes. She has hitchhiked all over Europe, South and Central America, Turkey, and Iran. Iris keeps her costs to the bare minimum, and calls her travel style the no budget travel. If it’s not something she desperately needs, she doesn’t buy it. She speaks 7 languages, and is currently writing a book about hitchhiking in Iran.

Things I love: I love her nomadic spirit, and how she just goes wherever the wind blows her. She’s never afraid or nervous, and jumps right out of her comfort zone. By getting by, she couch surfs, camps for free, buskers, or sometimes dumpster dives. She says she’s never lonely travelling because it’s so easy to make new friends on the road. Probably not the life for most, but make sure to check out this interesting travel blog.