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This post was most recently updated on March 11th, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the two travelling toques. We are Kimberley and Jerry. A Canadian couple who have been married for over 30 years. We’ve always had a passion for travel. But like most people, our vacations have consisted of a few weeks off a year.

We have two boys who are in their mid twenties now. When they were 8 and 9 we took them on their first vacation out of Canada to the Dominican Republic.

People kept saying to us “ninos gemelos?” It wasn’t until we got home and saw the pictures of our trip we realized how similar they looked at that age.

Even though it was an all inclusive resort, we made sure to do a day trip off to show them some of the real country. This has become our preferred way of travel getting to see the real nitty gritty of each place we visit.

It was a real eye opener when we visited a village school and they were able to hand out all the supplies we had brought with us. Then again in Cuba and seeing how much the smallest thing like a dinky car can bring joy to their faces.

Over the years we’ve taken them to the Bahamas, Cuba, St John, St Thomas, Mexico and Disney World. I think this has instilled a love of travel in both of them.

two travelling toques in Mexico

Our youngest decided to do a 6 month term at Blackcomb ski resort in Whistler British Columbia. Then back home to save up more money for his next adventure.

Our dream has always been to live some place warm for 6 months of the year. Even though we’re not retired yet, we’ve started scoping out economical places to live.

Jerry has worked in the printing industry for over 30 years, while I’ve worked in retail.

Our inspiration has been all the other travel bloggers out there young or old who are living their dream and travelling indefinitely. Some of whom I’ve been following for over 10 years. Long before people even knew the term travel blogger.

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Since then we’ve started this two travelling toques site where we will post our progress towards retirement and how we plan to do it.  Along with any tips we find along the way.

This will hopefully give others looking at doing the same thing ideas and inspire them to travel too.

There are so many more ways now a days to make a living while travelling and exploring the world at the same time.

So follow us as we prepare for this crazy next journey in life!